Jul. 6th, 2015

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Happy July everyone,

It’s almost time for Anthrocon and everyone here is scrambling to finish up all our new releases and take inventory before we hit the road. We have a ridiculous number of new releases this year. I’d love to tell you about all of them, but there are too many to fit in one email so we’ll be splitting them up.

In this email we’ll be showing off our new art book collections. Just click the thumbnail image to go to the product’s page on FurPlanet.com Enjoy!

The first art book by Redrusker! 70 pages of all male action, featuring works from 2013 – 2015.

That's the Spot! Adult Artbook by Redrusker, rated NC-17, 70 pages, $24.95

The first print collection from Rukis and Myenia’s popular Menagerie mailing list. Features 60 male pin-ups with a very broad variety of species.

Menagerie by Rukis and Myenia, rated NC-17, 60 pages, $19.95

Tsampikos is back with a selection of works created throughout 2015. This folio includes the 10-page comic, Cottonwood Springs part 1 plus lots of sexy, playful pin-ups. Lots of M/F content and male pinups.

Tsampikos Folio 2015, NC-17, 70 pages, $24.95

This compilation features some of Kadath's from 2013 and 2014. Also includes a previously unpublished comic from 2011, Casual Waggling.
Features M/F, M/M and F/F adult artwork.

Coffee Stains 3: Frappelicious, NC-17, 62 pages, $19.95

100 pinups from artdecademonthly.com from 2012.

Artdecade monthly 2012, NC-17, 104 pages, $24.95

Kaylii took on 100 commissions all featuring a harem theme. Both male and female pinups and pairings.

Harem Artist, NC-17, 104 pages, $24.95

Scappo returns with a collection of comics, pin-ups and stream commissions from 2014 – 2015.

Backtrack 4, NC-17, 94 pages, $24.95
We have an uneven number of art books so enjoy this picture of our badger, Fez. :-)


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