Jul. 8th, 2015

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Hello again,

Today we’re featuring our new books. We have novels and anthologies galore premiering at Anthrocon. And as an added bonus, check out our first ever visual novel!

Click the images to go to the website and find out more about these great new titles.

From the author of Jake’s List, more gay fun with beefy guys.

Don’t Call Me Coach by Tagenar, illustrated by NuDog, rated NC-17, $19.95

The all gay, adults only anthology’s latest volume has a Victorian Romance theme.

FANG Volume 6, rated NC-17, $19.95

From the author of Otters in Space comes a cat/dog romance story. Can love survive in a world divided by species?

In a Dog’s World by Mary E. Lowd, G, $9.95

28 stories make this a packed volume of ROAR. The theme is Scoundrels, both lovable and the ones we love to hate.

ROAR Volume 6, PG, $19.95

In a world of superheroes and super powered villains, it’s important to keep your work and personal lives separate. That becomes a challenge for a hero when he falls for a villain.

The Shadows that Linger by M. Andrew Rudder, PG-13, $17.95

The final chapter of Rukis’ “Off the Beaten Path” trilogy is here. As a bonus, we have also released all three parts in hardcover if you want a nice set. Check the links on the store.

The Long Road Home by Rukis, NC-17, $19.95 softcover, $29.95 hardcover

The second novel by the author of Sixes Wild. Windfall features a husky and otter couple as they navigate friendship turning to romance, oh and also investigate their possibly haunted town!

Windfall by Tempe O’Kun, illustrated by Slate, NC-17, $19.95

An adults-only visual novel on CD, compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux.

Willy Bear Beach episode 1 by artdecade, NC-17, $15.00


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