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Hello and Happy Holidays to all our friends,

First of all, the big news for tomorrow is our Black Friday sale. Here is what you need to know:

FurPlanet.com deals
Coupon codes for FurPlanet.com
*15% off everything with the coupon code friday2015, valid on Friday November 27 only
*10% off everything with the coupon code cyber2015, valid Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Also, our first 100 orders will receive a Certified FurPlanet Fan badge, art by Mary Mouse.

Bonus Book Deal!
All 6 volumes of FANG and all 6 volumes of ROAR will be on sale for half of their regular price. Only $9.95 each! These anthologies features a wide range of authors and each volume has a different theme. If you’re new to furry writing, these books are a great way to get acquainted with our best storytellers. Sale price valid through Monday, December 1st.

BadDogBooks.com deals
Coupon code for BadDogBooks.com
*15% off everything all weekend with the coupon code turkey2015, valid through Monday

***All coupon codes are now active so start shopping!***

We’ll also be releasing nine new items at Midwest Furfest next weekend. All those titles are now available for pre-order on FurPlanet.com and they all qualify for the discount codes. Black Friday is the perfect time to place your order for our hot new titles. Details and links to all new releases are in the chart below. Click the cover images to go to the product’s page on FurPlanet.

New Releases:

Hot on the tails of Warriorz and Beach Boyz, the 2016 calendar from Cheetahpaws is here!

Space Warriors is 12 months of sexy furries in space, sporting the latest fashions in improbable spacesuits. This year’s calendar also contains a bonus 13th image as a centrefold you can display year round.

Space Explorers, 12-month calendar, rated PG-13, $19.95

Redrusker's second art book, featuring all gay works from 2013 – 2015

That’s the Spot, Volume 2, art book, rated NC-17, 70 pages, $24.95

Timid rat gal Pepper gives speed dating a shot, not expecting her old flame Bailey to show up and shove her big polar bear schnoz into the evening.

While others meet for the first time, these two reconcile... with tongue!

They try to make it a quickie in the back with a bit of SPEED MATING!

Art and story by Ritts

Speed Mating, comic, rated NC-17, 26 pages, F/F adult situations, $9.95

Pregnancy is already hard enough as-is, what with the heaviness and hormones. Too bad Cari has three kids on the way!

Luckily, this coati's kinky husband Will comes home with a gorgeous kangaroo gigolo to soothe some of her aches and pains.


Art and story by Ritts

Expecting Company, comic, rated NC-17, 26 pages, M/F adult situations, $9.95

Donryu's second art collection, Cat Scratches includes Over 80 pages of various illustrations from commissions to personal illustrations from 2013-2015, and every page involves a peak into his creative process..

Cat Scratches, art book, rated NC-17, 84 pages, $24.95

Rudragon's first art book, collecting works from 2012 – 2015. Includes the comic "Ru's Gift".

The Art of Rudragon, art book, rated PG, 120 pages, $34.95

The finale of Whomper’s latest adventure.

The Legend of Whomper Vol 2, Issue 12, comic, rated G, 32 pages, $6.95

Bondage and pain are hot for some, a recipe for trouble for others, and a thrill that will make your heart pound either way. These ladies and those that love them are in for a spicy and stinging ride.

Shell is pushed up against the jagged edge of his limits while chasing a mysterious and dark kink. For Hélène and Leonard, a creative block threatens more than just an urgent deadline. Investigating a professional dominatrix has one detective in more binds than one. Can Jun find a way to get rid of the best submissive he's ever had before it's too late?

Here are eleven stories full of tension, passion, and so much heat that even the readers will want a safeword.

Will of the Alpha 3, short story anthology, rated NC-17, 300 pages, $19.95

Love is an amazing thing. It will sweep you off your feet, make you happier than anything, and makes fools of us all. It can be truly wonderful. But what if even the Goddess of Love herself can't stop the hullabaloo of a romance?

We hope you enjoy the romantic commotions of RomComCom, "Romantic Comedy Complications", a series of 4-panel gags about love and romance, and all the complications along the way.

Romantic Comedy Complications, comic, rated G, 34 pages, $9.95

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and spent time with those you love. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season from everyone at FurPlanet Productions. Thank you for another year of friendship and support.

FurPlanet Productions
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