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We've started adding some of our new releases which will be debuting next month at Further Confusion. Several titles are now available for pre-order with more on the way soon.

Check them out here: http://furplanet.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=171
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Hello all and happy Thanksgiving.

I'll keep this brief and to the point, FurPlanet and Bad Dog Books are having a sale running from Black Friday (Nov. 29) thru Cyber Monday (Dec. 2). The sale is store-wide on both FurPlanet.com and BadDogBooks.com. 15% off all items, no minimum to buy. Just use the coupon code turkey15 at checkout on either site to receive 15% off your purchases.

FurPlanet.com and BadDogBooks.com
15% off
coupon code is turkey15

That's all you need to know, happy shopping! :-)
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The FurPlanet team will be in Chicago this weekend for Midwest Furfest. Teiran, Buck Turner and Tempo, on loan from Sofawolf Press, will be on hand to sell MFF attendees great, furry books and comics in the dealers room.

Speaking of Sofawolf, unfortunately they were not able to acquire a table this year so we will be representing them. This year at MFF our table will be two companies in one. FurPlanet and Sofawolf; or SofaPlanet for short. :-P

You can find us at tables 7, 8 and 9. Here is a link which shows the map of the dealers room and a list of all the dealers: http://www.furfest.org/page/dealersden_list.html

Of special note is we will have some hardcover copies of Ursula Vernon's Hugo-winning web comic, Digger! We'll only have a few so shop early and often.

Also, we'll be selling some CDs for that talented vulpine, Fox Amoore! We will likely have limited quantities of each CD so again, rush to our table as soon as the room opens! :-D

Dress warmly, bring an empty book bag and safe travels. We'll see you in Chicago!
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Dungeon Grind
Submission Status: Open
Submission Deadline: November 1, 2013
Editor: Kandrel, send all submissions and queries to DungeonGrind@foxyonline.com
Rate of Pay: 1/2 cent per word
Submission Guidelines: Dungeon Grind is the current working title for a new adult-themed collected works project aimed at delving deep into the dungeons of fantasy and dragging the demonic and feral monsters of fame out into the light. Gnolls, kobolds, bugbears, drakes, and dragons--all that is monstrous and menacing will be gracing its pages. We're looking for well-written stories that adhere to the criteria below to fill between the covers.

It will be novel-length in format, containing eight to twelve pieces of roughly short story or novella length. There is no particular literary 'world' from which we expect the stories to be written, but our focus will be on adult and erotic adventures involving the many fierce monsters of fantasy and fiction.

Story Criteria:
- Stories should be of 5000 to 15000 words. We prefer stories that are well-focused and quick-paced, but will allow the extra words for longer and more elaborate adventures.
- While the title talks about fantasy monsters, we will still entertain stories written with a modern or sci-fi bent. For us, it's the monster that matters!
- This is an anthropomorphic story collection. While it's perfectly valid for humans to exist in your world or even star as a character, a successful submission will focus on the ferocious and feral aspects of its monsters.
- We expect that the monsters may have any number of different configurations of legs, including four, six, a hundred, or even zero.
While these many body types may skirt on dangerous ground, we do expect that at least some modicum of intelligence be displayed by the monster characters. Any story whose monsters are clearly just animals will be rejected.
- An adventure story may, by its very nature, include violence and ambiguous consent. While we do want to embrace the risk and danger of a real dungeon crawl, we intend to tread carefully. Any story that glorifies violence or contains rape will be rejected.
- While we understand that monsters may have wildly different life spans, from just a few years to possibly millennia, we do require that any characters in sexual situations be adults of their species.
- We're looking for erotic stories. While the erotic component is clearly important, don't forget that it needs to be a story as well! A successful submission will include a mix of plot and character development in addition to the sex.
- Be careful of copyright. Anything that is unambiguously a copyrighted species or character is not permissible.

Please include a cover letter that specifies:
- Your name
- Story Title
- Story Word Count
- Whether this story has been published previously in any form, or has been submitted for publishing elsewhere and has not yet been rejected.

Anthology General Terms: Authors of accepted submissions agree to a payment of 1/2 cent per word, exclusive publication rights in print and electronic formats for the period of one year from date of publication and non-exclusive rights in perpetuity thereafter. Submissions must not contain any copyrighted characters which the author does not hold the copyright on. Any story submissions featuring minors in sexual situations will be rejected.
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It's been a while since a big update so here we go!

As you may know already, the world's largest furry convention, Anthrocon, is happening next week! For this year's convention we have a nice even number of 20 new releases!

I'll post a shortened version of the highlights here for those in a hurry with more detail below.

TL;DR Version:

1. If you're not going to Anthrocon, all our new releases can be pre-ordered here: http://furplanet.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=171 Pre-orders will be shipped out starting July 31st.

2. If you are going to Anthrocon, feel free to review the above link to create your shopping list. Also, we'll be at tables A09/10/11 in the Dealers Room this year. That's mid-way up the wall on your left when you enter the room. We'll have our posters up behind the table so we should be easy to find.

3. Our new spin-off store for eBooks (also art, audiobooks, anything you can download) is now online. Click on over to https://www.BadDogBooks.com and check it out. All of our eBooks are available in both .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (for everything else) formats. They are also DRM-free, not censored and all the proceeds stay in the furry community. Please check it out and support our furry writers, artists and publishers!

Detailed Version:

In addition to the above announcements, here are some details about some of the new products we are releasing this Anthrocon. We're releasing a total of 20 New items: 6 books, 5 art books, 9 comics so we'll only cover a few of those this time.


Alone in the Woods
There's nothing like a walk home under the stars.
Sure the woods can be spooky, but nothing is going to happen, right? And just look at that beautiful full moon...

Alone in the Woods is a Sea Salt adventure
from Redrusker and is for adults only.
Art and story by Redrusker

Frat House Blues #4
The Frat House Blues comic series revolves around the bear boys of Beta Epsilon Rho (BER) In usually drunken or awkward or comical situations that almost 99% of the time leads to sex (everyone's favorite part!)

Jack #5
The long awaited continuation of the Jack series continues with story arcs "Drip's Lust" and "Falling Angels". This is the first issue of the Jack series in full color.

Story and Art by David Hopkins, Cover Art by Phantastus

Art Books:

Backtrack #3 by Scappo
The third collection of Scappo's illustrations, covering selected images from 2011 to 2013.
Includes three adult image sets: Morning Mare, Adair and Testing.ARA.
Volume 3 of Backtrack includes both heterosexual and homosexual adult themes.

Tsampikos folio #3
Tsampikos is back with a selection of works created throughout 2012 and 2013. This folio includes his ongoing comic from Sexyfur.com, the first images from his series at Clubstripes.com, cards from Furoticon, character designs and pinups all around!

Women of Fur
Women of Fur is a collaboration between 12 different artists.
Each artist chose to illustrate an empowering word that any woman can stand for. This collection of work is out to showcase the female form, anthro art as fine art, and the problem solving process involved in illustration.


All Tied Up in Knotz by Andres Cyanni Halden
Carson really likes meeting guys over Knotz, his favorite smartphone app. He has little patience for conversation and even less for the idea of a relationship. However, after a hot bear quite literally knocks him off his feet, it seems there might be more to life than his job and searching for one night stands.
M/M Adult Novella

Exposure by Tagenar
Gale is a lynx with a big problem.

For years, he's admired the men he finds most attractive from afar. The few times he tried to approach a muscular canine, he finds himself frozen by his insecurities. If only he could find a way to break the ice and get things moving...

Now Gale is about to find out what happens when that introduction gets made for him. He may have been unhappy being hidden, but how will he deal with finding himself exposed?
M/M Adult Novella


Whew, that’s enough for this week. We’ll be back with more new release info later or you can cheat and visit the website to see what else we have coming out now!

FurPlanet Productions
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We're excited to announce that we have been invited as the Guest of Honor to the inaugural Arizona Fur Con. The FurPlanet team is grateful for this recognition and we'll do what we can to help get this first year convention off on the right foot.

So if you're in the Southwest region of the country or looking for an excuse to travel to Scottsdale this October now you've got a convention to attend and we'll be there with our books, comics and art books.

Here are the places you can find out more about AFC:

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/azfurcon/
Web: http://www.arizonafurcon.com
Twitter: @AZFURCON
Facebook: ArizonaFurCon

AFC will be held on October 11th through 13th 2013 at the Embassy Suites Scottsdale

4415 E Paradise Village Parkway South
Phoenix, AZ 85032

We hope to see you there!
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FurPlanet Productions is pleased to announce BadDogBooks.com: the furry eBook store.

The new store will feature:

* eBooks available in multiple formats: one purchase gives you access to epub (compatible with Nook, Sony Reader, iBooks and more), mobi (compatible with Kindle readers and apps) and PDF.

* Comics available as PDFs.

* DRM free: once you purchase an ebook you have the right to read it on any device you own without any inconvenient software getting in the way.

* Access your account and download your purchased eBooks anytime: your order history and available downloads will always be there for you.

* Access your account on desktop, tablet or phone. Download directly to your device and start reading!

* Will feature FurPlanet and Bad Dog Books publications and works from independent authors.

* Free short stories available

* Blog featuring posts by furry authors and editors on writing and publishing in the small press.

* Featuring the works of Andres Cyanni Halden, Kyell Gold, Kevin Frane, Rukis and many, many more.

BadDogBooks.com, opening July 2013!
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Next weekend the FurPlanet team will be attending Further Confusion in San Jose, California. As always we'll be in the Dealers Room and will have lots of new books, comics and art galleries to sell you. Plus we'll have some bonuses this year!

First, how to find us. The map of the room is here: http://furtherconfusion.org/2013/dealers/dealers-map We are at tables 6 and 7, between Sofawolf Press and Tsareia and Egypt Urnash. Walk in, go all the way to the back wall and head left-ish and we'll be there.

Also, we are almost directly across from Idess at table 21. If you've enjoyed the cute banners of Fez and Rory on our site, Idess is the one who drew those for her so stop by her table and check out her wares too.

Speaking of our mascot critters, we will have a limited quantity of custom printed tote bags with our mascots and logo on them. They will be available to purchase for only $1 or free with purchases over $50.

We'll also have some Fez and Rory bookmarks available. So put a fox and badger in your book to keep your place. No fluff and no digging, we swear!
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Rainfurrest has officially announced this so we can finally share this awesome news.

FurPlanet has been selected as Rainfurrest's Publisher Guest of Honor for this year's convention.

Here is the official announcement: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4224053/

Of course we're all delighted by this. Rainfurrest is one of our favourite conventions to attend and deal at. They have a real commitment to writing in the fandom and we're honoured to be a part of that.

So, we hope to see all our friends at Rainfurrest this year to help celebrate this occasion with us.

More details later, for now I'm just getting the news out there. Of course, we're all super waggy right now. :-D
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Sebastian agrees to meet Puzzle at a local coffee house and is stricken by her beauty. Unable to control himself, his fantasies get the better of him in what will become a memorable Coffee Meet.

Bonus content includes an illustration gallery!

Written and illustrated by Kadath
M/F adult content

Coffee Meet is a new comic by Kadath, the same size and format of the very popular Dangerous Bedroom Behavior and Too Much to Handle. This comic features super hot action between Puzzle the giraffe and Sebastian the saluki.

Only $7.95, this title will be available at Further Confusion, but if you need to order online you can pre-order here!
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Roulette, a young raccoon dancer, dreams of moving to Ranea's capital city-state and marrying into a better life. But a horrifying encounter plunges her into a momentous political struggle—one that will turn tragically violent unless she and her companions can stop the mysterious Brothers of Atasos.

And as if things weren't getting complicated enough, Roulette may be falling in love with an activist who's as far from her dream husband as she could get...

Indigo Rain by Watts Martin is a guest entry in the Cupcakes series of novellas. Watts is also the order of Why Coyotes Howl.

Indigo Rain will be released this January at Further Confusion in San Jose, CA. If you won't be at the convention you can order online and we will ship to you. Place a pre-order at the link below, pre-orders for Indigo Rain will be shipped out after the convention, at the end of January.

Click here to pre-order, only $9.95!
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Summerhill is a dog with a problem: he isn't exactly sure who he is. Living alone in a desolate world as its only inhabitant, he has no memories of his previous life—only the tantalizing clue that the answers he seeks may lie with a mysterious woman named Katherine, the hostess on a cruise ship that sails between dimensions.

But Katherine has problems of her own, and if Summerhill wants her help in unlocking the secrets of his past, he'll have to help Katherine deal with hers.

Together, the two will travel to different worlds, different times, and different universes in a journey where each new stop has both fantastic discoveries and deadly threats in wait, and where the rules of reality can change as easily as weather.

We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated third novel by Kevin Frane, Summerhill.

Summerhill is scheduled for release at Further Confusion 2013. We will be taking pre-orders prior to the convention for shipping at the end of January.

Summerhill is currently slated to be released both as a softcover for $17.95 and a hardcover for $24.95. The softcover will be available at Further Confusion and the hardcover will be available there or shortly after. More details and cover image to come soon!

About the author:
Kevin Frane is the author Thousand Leaves and The Seventh Chakra, published by Sofawolf Press, and The Peculiar Quandary of Simon Canopus Artyle, part of the Cupcakes series of novellas. He has also had several short stories published in various anthologies and was the writing Guest of Honor at Feral! 2011.
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Just a reminder, today is Cyber Monday and is the last day of our four-day 15% off sale.

Just use the coupon code furry15 at checkout to receive 15% off your purchases. No minimum to buy, the whole store is on sale!

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We're going all out this year with a 4-day sale! From Black Friday November 23 thru Cyber Monday November 26 our whole store will be 15% off!

No minimum to buy!
All in stock items!

Just use the coupon code furry15 at check-out, that's it. Use as often as you wish during this four day long sale.

If you want to help us out, spread the word! Retweet, reblog, repost!

Go to FurPlanet.com, fill up your shopping cart with fun furry stuff and use furry15 at check-out to save 15%
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We're going all out this year with a 4-day sale! From Black Friday November 23 thru Cyber Monday November 26 our whole store will be 15% off!

No minimum to buy!
All in stock items!

Just use the coupon code furry15 at check-out, that's it. Use as often as you wish during this four day long sale.

If you want to help us out, spread the word! Retweet, reblog, repost!

Go to FurPlanet.com, fill up your shopping cart with fun furry stuff and use furry15 at check-out to save 15%
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Since Labor Day is coming up, we wanted to show off our cute new barbeque-themed banner. Enjoy this adorable pic of our mascots, Fez and Rory, enjoying some late summer fun while you do some online shopping this holiday weekend.

Coming up this weekend from Friday, August 31st thru Sunday September 2nd we'll be in lovely Olive Branch, Mississippi for this year's Mephit Furmeet. We've been there the last few years as dealers and we're again in the Dealers Den with three tables.

We'll be carrying our own FurPlanet and Bad Dog Books comics and books and also some selections from Dark Horse Comics and Sofawolf Press.

In particular, I'm pleased to say we'll have several very nice hardcover graphic novels in stock including Blacksad and Grandville from Dark Horse and a limited number of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice hardcovers from Sofawolf.

If you haven't had a chance to pick up some of the hot new releases from Anthrocon like The Deep Dark by Redrusker or Unconditional, Rukis' sequel to Cruelty then this con is a great opportunity to do some shopping!

Just be sure to bring an umbrella this year, we're expecting lots of rain. :-)

Hope to see you all there,
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We've had a couple of folks asking us which conventions we'll be attending in the next few months so I thought it'd be a good time to lay out our plans for the second half of 2012. Here's a list of the conventions where FurPlanet will be in the Dealers Room and who will be behind the table at those cons. Please stop by and see us if you'll be at any of these conventions.

Rocky Mountain Furcon, https://www.rockymountainfurcon.org/
Date: August 10 - 12; Place: Denver, CO
Attending: Teiran and Zia McCorgi

Mephit Furmeet, http://www.mephitfurmeet.org/
Date: August 31 - September 2; Place: Olive Branch, MS
Attending: FuzzWolf and Buck Turner

RainFurrest, https://www.rainfurrest.org/2012/
Date: September 27 - 30; Place: Seattle, WA
Attending: FuzzWolf, Teiran and Zia McCorgi

Gaylaxicon, http://www.gaylaxicon2012.org/
Date: October 5 - 7; Place: Minneapolis, MN
Attending: FuzzWolf and Zia McCorgi

FurFright, http://www.furfright.org/
Date: October 26 - 28; Place: Cromwell, CT
Attending: Teiran and Cyanni

Midwest Furfest, https://www.furfest.org/
Date: November 16 - 18; Place: Chicago, IL
Attending: Teiran and Cyanni
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ROAR Volume 4

We're pleased to announce the latest volume in our short story series, ROAR.

Volume 4 is now available for pre-order. We will have copies at Anthrocon and online pre-orders will be shipped out after June 30th.

This volume's theme is Celebrity. I'll let the editor's back cover blurb explain what that's all about.

Fame—that siren song

Celebrity has many stories. Perhaps it is nothing more than an incredible tale. What amazing lengths people will go to in order to find it—or escape from it.

In this volume of ROAR, twelve authors explore what celebrity means and how its impact is felt. New stories from celebrated anthropomorphic authors such as Tim Susman, Mary E. Lowd, and Whyte Yoté share these pages with talented newcomers.

Grab a copy and spread the fame!
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Cronn Volume 1

In an ancient land lost to time, there lived a tribe of mighty barbarians, whose strength and ferocity was the stuff of myth!

And then there was Cronn, who (by barbarian standards) was considered puny and weak.

But Cronn's spirit was indomitable, and to prove himself to his tribe, he set out on a quest to conquer all worthy foes; not with muscle and steel... but with his own flesh!

Cronn's first epic adventure waits... He must defeat the dreaded porcupine witch Tittania, and her minotaur guard. He is outmuscled and out-magicked. How can Cronn defeat such a powerful enemy?

Preview pages:
page 1: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7831614/
page 2 (Adults Only): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7846191/
Page 3: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7853264/


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